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Domestic Objects Series

This series is gaining momentum. I've been researching the history of ceramics and finding deeper meaning. I've thought a lot about typical items found in our homes: objects that were trendy or must haves, showed elevated status or maintaining the status quo, mundane objects used but not treasured.

I learned Chinese porcelain first made its way to West in the 17th century and it took awhile for Europeans to figure out how to recreate it. Now it's a standard decor item with knockoffs readily available. I painted the pattern from this vase on my garter and pantie set with underglaze and used Amaco Jade Celadon glaze over it. The garter cracked during the bisque firing and I epoxied it after the final glazing. The crack added to it's appeal to me as a vase I'd find in a thrift store.

The thrift store idea stuck as I was finishing the bronze pantie. It started as a piece I used pink underglaze on and hated. I almost threw it out. It sat for months before I took a chance and re-fired it with Spectrum Gold glaze. It was transformed. Something about the unevenness on the inside of the pantie flooded me with memories of 70s decor, particularly for basement rec rooms and bars. I remember weird bronze-ish relief wall plaques as a child.

It felt like so much of the decor was ugly and brown then. The gold glaze was just the right color to trigger these memories. The sailor waterslide decal and clasp gave it the feel of a trinket box or tchotchke.

Another decal of a baby on a scale made me think of ugly ceramic lambs and baby booties, typical baby shower gifts.

Stashed away in my studio was a pair of panties I glazed in Butterscotch. The yellow was gaudy and the shape reminded me of a diagram of a uterus. Now I found them exciting and the shape was perfect. The moment when a piece I gave up on comes together is so satisfying. I literally amuse myself.

Here's a few examples of what I've been mulling over though I feel like I'm just scratching the surface. We'll see where it goes, bahahaha.


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