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WIP: Trump's misogyny series

I thought I was going to wrap up this series soon but it nags at me. I read yet another article and feel compelled to make...just...one...more. The latest are the always classic, "Grab 'em by the pussy" panty, a "She's in such good physical shape" bra, "As long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass" panty with ruffles, and of course, "You remind me of my daughter" bustier inspired by the one Ivanka wore for a photoshoot for Stuff Magazine. These are all ready for their first run through the kiln.

My husband thinks I should switch to a "more positive theme." I still feel these little sound bytes need a stage. In my defense, I feel the pieces have a bit of humor in them, in their being undergarments. Yes, they have loads of layers of meaning as I've brought up in a previous post, but still they can be cheeky. I add no commentary to them, no visual of violence. They are just moments recorded on ceramic underwear. I don't even add the usually obligatory reference to Trump as the owner of the quote on the pieces.

They still have relevance to me enough to continue.

I only recently discovered Marilyn Minter's Trump Plaque and it brings me so much joy. Marilyn has a great sense of humor and a powerful voice. Truth is sometimes easier to digest this way. Why else are The Daily Show and shows like it so popular? Maybe people can be swayed when they aren't on the defensive, when they are caught off guard by an alternate opinion sneaking up on them through humor, absurdity or being out of context.

One job of the artist is presenting an alternate view. Alternate to what? The viewer's experience. It happens in half a second..with one look. It's easy to avoid reading something, or even listening to someone, but an image makes an impact immediately. What a powerful tool...or weapon to consider, dear reader. I realized at the end of college that I didn't want to make anymore tortured, angst filled work. I want to create more visually pleasing work without losing my voice. There is enough ugliness in the world. I'm working on finding the balance between addressing it and creating pieces with some beauty.

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