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Thoughts on my pieces in the Resist show

The pieces "Disgusting" and "Such a Nasty Woman' are part of the Trump's Misogyny series. I find the statements Trump has made deeply disturbing and felt compelled to make work that addressed it. Inspired by artists such as Mimi Smith, and Zoe Buckman, I've been exploring using undergarments as a vehicle for expression, rather than having a female subject.

The “Disgusting” piece is a reaction to attorney Elizabeth Beck saying Trump had “an absolute meltdown” when she requested a break from a 2011 deposition in order to pump her breast milk. He told her, “You’re disgusting!” and ran from the room. Having tandem breastfed my own sons, I think this was one of the first statements that really triggered me. Women face enough conflict due to the perfectly natural act of breastfeeding, without this kind of message being spread. This statement reflecting the idea that somehow breastfeeding is something dirty to be hidden while objectifying breasts for pleasure is completely ok was outrageous to me. The same man who regularly rates women on their appearance making this statement was the epitome of misogyny for me. Making this sculpture with it’s milky glaze and it’s feeling of weight, felt grounding to me. A statement of strength despite what was said. It felt powerful.

“Such a Nasty Woman,” is obviously a response to Trump’s remark about Hillary Clinton. I wanted these panties to seem a bit worn, but like they were sexy when they were new, as if they had been through the wash quite a bit but were still holding up. Women form relationships with their panties based on how they make us feel, what purpose they serve, and for when we wear them, that pair that’s sexy, the ones that stay put, the ones worn just for comfort that are barely holding on. When I think of Clinton, I think of an attractive woman who’s had to toughen up to play the men’s game and has taken a lot of hits. She’s strong though a bit worse for the wear.

These pieces felt right for the Resist show. It asked, "What do you resist?" I resist the misogyny that is epitomized by our current President. It was bad enough when he was just a businessman or a tv personality. It's time for the next step of our evolution as a country, one step closer to equality. *Steps off soapbox*

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