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OMG, I need a website

Somehow, there's been a whirlwind of activity since Mercury is no longer in retrograde and I couldn't delay any longer. Do I wish I had better photos? Yes? Have I bought everything I need to actually set up and take them? Yes. Have I had an opportunity? No. Because my home is small and there's been lots of chaos of late. Even though I'm in the South, home of the McMansion, I'm still living like a New Yorker. Under 900 square feet for 4 adults, and I use that word adult loosely, as my 18 year old son has Asperger's and loves to troll me and my dear 21 year old stepson, lacks common sense. "Bless their hearts" as they say down here. I'm actually amazed I've carved out this little space in front of the window for my workspace, though the universe conspired in my favor and I found out after we moved in that the Arts Center is literally a block away. That is how I came to ceramics as my medium after many years of not finding a welding studio and losing one painting studio after another every time I'd start to find my rhythm.

So I apologize for my photos and beg your patience that soon I will upgrade them. Sometimes you have to just jump in though, ready or not. I have lots of work coming out of the kiln this week, and lots of work in various states of completion. Somehow I've gotten involved in several different series simultaneously, so they will all feel more resolved over the next few months. I'm still in search of a studio space to call my own where I can really spread out. For now though, I'll continue to make due. I'll just be doing some more organizing magic. Thanks for stopping by:)

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