January 2, 2019

While all this painting has been going on, my sculpture mind has been fermenting. I mull over things. I sit. I wait. I'm following several threads of thought in my sculpture and sometimes after some mulling I abandon them before I get too deep into it, literally someti...

October 16, 2018

Apparently you aren't supposed to pursue too many different mediums, it makes you look unfocused. Unless you are a "great artist" preferably male and then you can break all the rules. I don't care. I can only sculpt so much and then I need to take a break. I can only p...

April 29, 2018

Somehow, there's been a whirlwind of activity since Mercury is no longer in retrograde and I couldn't delay any longer. Do I wish I had better photos? Yes? Have I bought everything I need to actually set up and take them? Yes. Have I had an opportunity? No. Because my...

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February 23, 2020

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