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Arts and Science Council: 2020 Community Supported Art Project

THE INTRODUCTION FOR THE PATRONS: Due to Covid restrictions, in lieu of the in person gathering to receive the artwork, we were asked to create informal videos for the Zoom reveal event. THE PROJECT: Here is a visual journey of the CSA project. Creating 50 pieces was daunting. I did fortunately ask for the final reveal date in April knowing I wanted plenty of time to account for things going wrong, which they did, especially not having my own kiln. From ordering decals from China which took weeks to arrive only to realize they were too large for the handkerchiefs and having to make my own, to finding enough cigar boxes that were big enough to hold them. Applying the decals was a process full

Domestic Objects series continues with Chinese influence

Here are some progress shots of the "Not Good Wife" Duduo based on Ling Long ceramics and the "Good Wife" Duduo based on the Chinese symbol of double happiness. These pieces are made from porcelain clay. The blue is painted with cobalt oxide which loves to smudge so I decided to embrace that to emphasize the feeling of a not good wife. The red is painted with underglaze which is much more obedient.

Personal narrative

I'm working on a series that is more personal to me. As I look toward turning 50 next year, I've been reflecting on my life a lot. Memories drift up, sometimes blurry, nothing more than fragments of words and images. I'm letting them come and creating work out of them without filtering them much. This series may not make sense to anyone, including myself, but I still feel the need to make it. It's not made with selling it in mind, not that any of my work really is. It's made because somehow it has made itself, like thoughts manifesting physically. This is a journey and I'll share some photos I've taken of it so far.


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