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Oh shit, that work looks just like mine!

At one point I was crippled by the thought of redoing what has been done. It seems like someone somewhere is doing almost exactly what you are. When I made the ceramic underwear I suddenly found other artists making ceramic underwear, one became a friend across the world in Australia thanks to the wonders of social media. Then I thought to myself, artists have been painting landscapes, still lives, and figures for centuries, does that invalidate the art? Maybe I was overthinking it and just needed to move forward. We all add our own touch to the work that makes it unique to us. This week I stumbled on work that really challenged me though. I found the work of Jane Burton. Ceramic bodices wit

Domestic Objects Series

This series is gaining momentum. I've been researching the history of ceramics and finding deeper meaning. I've thought a lot about typical items found in our homes: objects that were trendy or must haves, showed elevated status or maintaining the status quo, mundane objects used but not treasured. I learned Chinese porcelain first made its way to West in the 17th century and it took awhile for Europeans to figure out how to recreate it. Now it's a standard decor item with knockoffs readily available. I painted the pattern from this vase on my garter and pantie set with underglaze and used Amaco Jade Celadon glaze over it. The garter cracked during the bisque firing and I epoxied it after th


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