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Our Children are listening

People say stupid shit, hurtful shit, and demeaning shit. Sometimes they know they're doing it and other times it's so normalized that they don't even understand the impact. Children hear this shit and a lot is said directly to them. If you haven't watched 48 subtly sexist things women hear in a lifetime, please do. I've watched it multiple times and what people say to young girls especially, started to fester. But it's not just girls, it's boys and men to. All that stupid shit like "Man up," and "Don't be a pussy." For examples, watch 48 things men hear in a lifetime that are bad for everyone. There's so many awful things said that shape our self worth. I was what would be called a feisty l

Why teapots?

I'm working on teapots, taking classes from master potter, Leon Nichols to improve my craftsmanship because at the end of the day I still have a respect for doing things well. Artists today can skimp on craftsmanship. It's no longer necessary to spend forever recreating every bone and muscle to learn how to perfectly render the figure in clay. It's actually hard to find this type of class being offered in a B.F.A program. It's about ideas more than technique. I'm a middle path person in most things including this one. I need to understand enough to not be hindered. I care about craft and work being archival, structurally sound, and even safe, as in that public sculpture shouldn't have a shar


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